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谈及网上借贷,我自认为比较了解其未来前景及可提供借贷的一些领域。不过上周得知新的借贷平台Red Rock Assets之后,我改变了想法。在产业变革方面,似乎从来不乏创新。Red Rock Assets对网上借贷的有趣“创新”之一在于:其平台只为采矿业项目进行筹资。出借者不仅能得到利息,还有利润分红,这种方式很独特,感兴趣吗? 我当然会,所以也迫不及待地想与Red Rock Assets平台CEO Matthew Freedman聊一聊,希望能了解更多新的资讯。


如之前所述,Red Rock Assets只涉及采矿业项目。在此之前,这些项目仅由银行和其他机构筹资。据Red Rock Assets称,初级矿业公司在项目融资上会有困难。随着矿业产品的需求增加,矿业项目的融资变得极其重要。


与其他网上借贷平台一样,Red Rock Assets为出借者提供投资平台和高于银行的利率。Red Rock Assets的特别之处在于:与其他借贷平台(如Lending Club和Prosper)不同,该平台上的项目贷款是有安全保障的。Red Rock Assets将代表其平台成员,对获得筹资的所有采矿业项目资产(采矿设备,地产等)收取安全保障金。为确保项目融资,项目必须具有相当于贷款金额350%的资产。换言之,贷款资产价值必须是贷款金额的3.5倍。Matthew提到,根据不同项目情况,350%可能是项目保障金的最低资产比例。

最开始,项目融资额范围在500万至2500万美元之间,不过随着平台的发展,随着平台不断发展,Red Rock Assets将来为平台成员寻求的贷款额可能高达1亿美元。平台正式使用后,将为4至7个不同地区的项目进行首次筹资,预计金额为8000万美元。此外,Red Rock Assets平台上初期项目类型不限于某种特定矿产。关键是每个项目必须满足相应的标准才能进行融资。

受信投资者以5000美元为单位增量进行投资,并且可以分散投资到多种项目。本票年利率从7.5%起。除获得利息外,投资者还有额外地预计约7.5%的采矿业项目商业利润分红。该本票与Lending Club 和 Prosper平台的传统本票略有不同。该本票是有有效期限的,可以是将来几年的时间,但是预期付清时间根据项目情况可能是3年或者5年。然而利润分红是在有效期限前完成支付。

Red Rock Assets与KCPC携手发起和审核首批采矿业融资项目。Red Rock Assets平台负责出借者认证,及其身份和银行账户核查,利息收取和支付。

When it comes to social lending, I thought I had a pretty good idea of where I thought the industry could go and some of the other niches that social lending companies could service.  Last week that changed when I heard about Red Rock Assets. It seems like there is no lack of innovation when it comes to disrupting industries.  Red Rock Assets has an interesting twist on social lending.  For one, it offers only mining projects through its platform.  Not only do lenders earn interest, but there is also a profit sharing aspect, which is a unique concept.  Intrigued? I was, and that’s why I was anxious to talk with Matthew Freedman – CEO of Red Rock Assets – to learn more.


As mentioned above, Red Rocks Assets will offer projects specific to mining.  These projects are of the type that have historically been funded solely by banks and other institutions until now.  According to Red Rock Assets, junior mining companies are having difficulty financing projects.  Coupled with the increased demand for mined commodities, financing these projects will be extremely important.

A prospectus for the general public is currently under consideration, which means that only accredited investors will be able to invest when the platform kicks off in May 2014.  Unfortunately, as much as I would like to invest a small amount of money and document the progress on the blog, it will have to wait.

Like others in the social lending space, Red Rock Assets aims to give lenders the opportunity to receive better interest rates than you would receive from banks.  One aspect that makes Red Rock Assets unique is that the loans are not unsecured loans like those with Lending Club and Prosper.  On behalf of its lending members Red Rock Assets holds security charges over the assets (mining equipment, property, etc.) of all mining projects funded through its platform.  In order for a project to receive funding, there must be a loan coverage of 350%.  In other words, this means that assets backed by the loan must equate to 3.5 times the value of the loan.  Matthew noted that while each project is different, 350% could be on the low end of some projects.

The amount of funding for the initial projects will range from $5M to $25M, although as the platform grows Red Rock Assets could eventually present projects seeking as much as $100M to its lending members. At launch, the projects are estimated to seek $80M in funding, with 4-7 different projects from a variety of geographical locations constituting the first offering. Additionally, Red Rock Assets will not limits these early projects to any particular type of mineral. The key for them is that each project meets their criteria.

Accredited investors will be able to invest in increments of $5000 and can spread their investment across multiple projects. Promissory notes will start at 7.5% annual interest.  In addition to that, investors will earn a profit share forecasted to be an additional 7.5% upon the commercial production of the mining project.  The way these notes will work is a little different from a traditional Lending Club or Prosper note.  They will have an expire date which can be many years in the future, but the anticipated pay off could be 3 or 5 years depending on the project. The profit share payout will however last until the expire date.

Red Rock Assets has partnered with Key Capital Corporation to originate and vet the first mining projects.  Red Rock Assets will provide lender authentication, identity and bank account verification, interest collection and payment.








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