Payoneer announces colossal $180 million financing round led by TCV

近日,美国转账创业公司Payoneer宣布获得1.8亿美元E轮投资。此轮投资主要由TCV主导,早前投资人还有Susquehanna Growth Equity。据Payoneer透露,TCV还将从当前持股人手中购买股票。

Payoneer主营跨境转账业务,目前服务已经覆盖200多个国家。去年,Payoneer分别在日本、印度、菲律宾开设了新办事处,最近设立的办事处在总部所在的国际办事处网络中心纽约。早前此公司收购了第三方支付创业公司 Armor Payments。

Payoneer首席执行官Scott Galit表示:“通过跨越B2B支付中存在的信任隔阂,互补收购能够扩展我们的价值,Armor就是这种收购的绝佳例子。我们能够把他们的第三方支付平台加入我们全球基础平台中,同时扩展我们双方的事业价值。不管是潜在收购带来的无机扩张,还是在市场浪潮中保持强劲地位,向世界展示我们出众的金融实力,此次新融资都让我们更有自主权。”

Payoneer上次融资是在2015年8月,金额5000万美元,当时报道是E轮融资,但Galit 解释说这是二次市场股票,而不是全轮融资。公司最近声明中称他们此前已筹集到6500万美元融资,修正了我们在三月收购Armor时报道中提到的9000万美元的说法,这可能是因为某些新投资人将从现在的投资人手中购买了股票。此前的投资人包括83North、Carmel Ventures、Nyca Partners、Vintage Investment Partners、Wellington Management以及Greylock Partners。Payoneer列举了新的客户,有Tradedoubler和Linio,也有长期客户的名单,如Google、Getty Images、Airbnb、Google、Upwork和Amazon。同时Payoneer公司也宣布将与日本电子商业巨头Rakuten达成新的合作伙伴关系。



TCV对于出于创业后阶段的公司来说是个重要的名字。来自Crunchbase的数据显示,TCV的投资计划中有43个首次公开募股公司。最近,TCV领导了9月对Airbnb总额为5.5亿美元巨额融资,也参与了2015年6月Spotify的5.26亿美元G轮融资。其他投资人包括Avvo、 GoFundMe、Avalara、NewVoiceMedia和Brillen.de,TVC此前也对以色列人设立、总部设在马萨诸塞州的Perfecto Mobile进行过投资。还有更多创立公司的名字包括Expedia、Facebook、LinkedIn、GoDaddy、VICE Media和Zillow。

Susquehanna已经领导了最近5次融资中的4次,分别是Outbrain、Field Nation、Fundera 以及Allocadia。第五次就是去年Payoneer的5000万美元的融资。

Payoneer董事会准成员、TCV一般合伙人Woody Marshall在一份声明中表示:“Payoneer这几年发展迅速,他们致力于引领全球电子平台,帮助中小企业,减少这些企业所面临的收发国际付款的阻力,我们欣赏他们对这一独特的商业策略的执行能力。”


Israeli-American money transfer startup Payoneer has raised a $180 million Series E funding round, the company announced on Wednesday morning. The round was led by TCV and previous investor Susquehanna Growth Equity. TCV will also purchase shares from existing shareholders, according to Payoneer’s press release.

They boast the ability to move cash across the borders of over 200 countries, covering most of the world. Payoneer spent the last year opening new offices in Japan, India and the Philippines, the latest in an international network of offices with headquarters in New York City. Earlier this year, they acquired escrow startup Armor Payments.

“Armor is a great example of a complementary acquisition that extended our value by bridging the trust gap that exists in B2B payments,” Payoneer CEO Scott Galit told Geektime. “We were able to integrate their escrow platform into our global infrastructure to extend their value proposition and ours. This new funding gives us flexibility, both in terms of potential inorganic growth with acquisitions, and being in a strong position in case markets turn, to show the world we have superior financial strength.”

Payoneer last reeled in a $50 million funding round in August 2015 that had been reported as a Series E, which Galit explained were secondary shares rather than a full-on round. Their latest statement says they previously had raised $65 million, revising a $90 million figure we had reported in March during the Armor acquisition, possibly because some of the new financing will go to buying shares from existing investors. Previous investors include 83North, Carmel Ventures, Nyca Partners, Vintage Investment Partners, Wellington Management and Greylock Partners. Payoneer names new customers such as Tradedoubler and Linio alongside a list of longtime clients like Google, Getty Images, Airbnb, Google, Upwork and Amazon. Payoneer also announced a new partnership with Japanese e-commerce powerhouse Rakuten.

Ready to IPO?

Rumors surrounding a Payoneer IPO have been around for at least two and a half years, as far back as its 2014 Series D funding round of $25 million. TCV’s entrance might encourage those rumors.

TCV is an important name for late-stage startups. The firm has 43 IPOs in its portfolio, according to its Crunchbase profile. It recently led the mammoth $555 million round into Airbnb in September and also played a part in Spotify’s $526 million Series G financing in June 2015. Other names include Avvo, GoFundMe, Avalara, NewVoiceMedia and Brillen.de, and it had a previous investment in an Israeli-led company with Massachusetts-based Perfecto Mobile. More-established names include Expedia, Facebook, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, VICE Media and Zillow.

Susquehanna has led four of the last five rounds it participated in: Outbrain, Field Nation, Fundera and Allocadia. The fifth round was Payoneer’s $50 million round last year.

“We have been watching Payoneer’s rapid growth for several years and have appreciated their ability to execute a unique business strategy aimed at empowering SMEs and leading digital platforms around the world to reduce the friction they face sending and receiving global payments,” TCV’s would-be member on the Payoneer board, General Partner Woody Marshall, said in a statement.






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