日前,总部位于加州的保险科技创企Trov宣布完成4500万美元D轮融资,HSB Ventures领投,Oak HC/FT、Suncorp Group、Guidewire、Anthemis和日本保险业巨头Sompo Holdings跟投。


Trov正是看到了保险行业存在的这一问题,推出了用户定制版保险产品。这意味着用户需要选择需要上保险的物品,如笔记本电脑、Xbox One等,并仅仅缴纳这几件物品的保险费用即可。


近年来,保险行业的监管体系日益完善,市场准入门槛不断提高,这也对Trov的发展造成了一定影响。业内人士透露,根据Trov最初制定的计划,公司于去年5月进入澳大利亚市场,之后,于12月在英国开设分支机构。Trov创始人兼首席执行官Scott Walchek表示,尽管Trov进入澳大利亚和英国市场的过程中遇到了巨大阻碍,但公司仍取得了巨大的成功。随着现代经济的不断发展,更多的消费者希望采用新的模式保护喜爱的事物。

在完成本轮融资之后,Trov发言人表示,该笔资金将用于推动公司在全球范围内的市场扩张以及新产品开发。同时,HSB Ventures的母公司Munich Re将为Trov开拓欧洲、亚洲、南美洲等地市场提供帮助。自成立以来,Trov获得融资数额已超过9000万美元。

Munich Re首席执行官Andy Rear表示,Trov的保险模式是对传统保险行业的真正创新。Munich Re将尽最大努力帮助Trov开拓全球市场,促进保险科技在世界各地发挥更大的作用。


Insurance tech startup Trov has closed a $45 million Series D funding round led by HSB Ventures, with participation from Oak HC/FT, Suncorp Group, Guidewire, Anthemis, and Japanese insurance giant Sompo Holdings.

Founded in 2012, California-based Trov sells itself as an on-demand insurance platform “for the things you love.” So rather than insuring the entirety of your possessions, you can choose just a single item or the items that you value most — such as your Fitbit and Xbox One, or just your iPad Air. And it’s all done online or through native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Prior to pivoting to become an insurance company, Trov was actually a personal inventory app that allowed users to value and track their various possessions, and it’s still available in the U.S. in that form, minus the insurance element. And this will continue to serve as a core part of the Trov platform moving forward, with users able to organize their belongings in the cloud.

Given the stringent regulatory hurdles across the insurance industry, Trov has been slow to come to market. It originally landed in Australia in May 2016, followed by the U.K. in December, while German insurance giant Munich Re — the parent company of HSB Ventures, which invested in this round of funding — recently won the bid to underwrite Trov’s insurance platform in the U.S. That is expected to kick off sometime in 2017. It’s also worth noting Sompo’s involvement in the Series D round, as we’re told that the company will help bring Trov to market in Japan.

Today’s funding takes Trov’s total equity financing past the $90 million mark and will be used to “power its global expansion and new product development,” according to a statement issued by the company. With that in mind, Trov has also revealed that Munich Re will now be underwriting its policies across many markets in Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

“Trov’s early success in Australia and the U.K. is demonstrating that modern consumers want a new way to protect their things,” explained Trov founder and CEO Scott Walchek. “With the additional capital and extensive partnerships, soon millions of people around the world will be empowered to protect the things that enhance their lives whenever and however they want.”

A number of insurance tech startups have come to fruition in recent times. Peer-to-peer insurance firm Lemonade recently launched out of stealth in the U.S. and is licensed to issue its own policies, rather than requiring a third-party underwriter. Lemonade has nabbed some $60 million in funding to date. Over in Europe, fledgling insurance-focused startups such as Clark, Wefox, and Knip have raised more than $60 million between them.

Trov follows an “unbundling” trend we’ve seen across the technology realm in recent years. With countless cordcutters paying for individual streaming services, instead of a broad cable subscription; newspapers flirting with pay-per-article revenue models; and micropayments permeating the web, it’s perhaps not so surprising to see insurance unbundled in the way that Trov is doing. And it does make sense — why pay for an expensive insurance plan designed to cover your worldly belongings when all you really care about is your mountain bike and your laptop?

“Trov’s on-demand protection represents a genuine innovation in insurance for an unserved or under-insured market,” said Andy Rear, CEO of digital partners at Munich Re. “Our extensive footprint will surely help power Trov’s rapid expansion to the most active markets around the globe. We’re excited to be taking a deeper role with the industry’s first global insurtech platform.”







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