未来6年区块链市场将增长2000% 中印两国获益最多


未来6年区块链市场将增长2000% 中印两国获益最多


Allied Market Research发布的《分布式账本市场的类型和终端用户:2017——2023全球机会分析与产业预测》显示,全球区块链市场——2016年的估值为2.28亿美元,预计在2017年至2013年间将会增长到54.3亿美元,年复合增长率高达57.6%。



如今,互联网技术得到广泛普及, 先进的支付技术逐步兴起和并得到广泛使用, 这些均有望提升中国、日本、韩国和印度的经济增长。

中国和印度一直处于利用区块链技术尝试新金融服务的前沿。在政府的领导下,中国金融机构最近将推出新的政策,银行将利用区块链技术提高交易透明度, 打击金融部门的欺诈行为, 印度也为银行机构推出了首个区块链组织机构。

阿里巴巴、IBM和其他几家巨头公司一直致力于在中国推动区块链技术使用。 DECENT项目的 Matej Michalko表示, 他和他的合作伙伴在中国看到的是,并非所有的人都了解区块链, 但是中国商人、开发商、以及投资者就是为创新而生的:





Similar to a previous report which estimates almost 700% global increase in annual revenue for enterprise applications of blockchain in the next ten years, a new study has revealed that Asia will grow at the highest compound annual growth rate CAGR when the global blockchain market grows at a projected rate of more than 2000% in the next six years.

According to Blockchain Distributed Ledger Market by Type and End User: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2017–2023 published by US-based Allied Market Research, the global blockchain market – which as at 2016 accounts for $228 million – is expected to reach $5.43 billion between 2017 and 2023 at a CAGR expansion of 57.6%.

Citing the presence of key companies in the region, the report says North America is expected to maintain its dominance throughout the forecast period – it dominated the global market in terms of revenue accounting as at 2016 with more than 40% share of the market followed by Europe.

However, despite this dominance, Asian countries are expected to record the most improved CAGR which provides a constant rate of return over a given period.

The increase in Internet transitions, upsurge in use of Internet, and rise in adoption of advanced technologies for payments are expected to boost growth in China, Japan, South Korea, and India.

China and India have been at the forefront of testing new services using the blockchain technology both regionally and globally. Some of the new use cases introduced recently are Chinese banks following the government’s lead to use the technology to increase transparency and combat fraud in its financial sector and India’s launch of its first blockchain exploration consortium for banks.

Alibaba, IBM and several other giant corporations have been pushing the technology’s use particularly in China.

Speaking on what he and his partner see about blockchain in China that others don’t, Matej Michalko of DECENT says in a chat with 8btc that they discovered that Chinese businessmen, developers, investors live for innovations:

“They want to move fast and get a hold of their particular area of venture as quick as possible. Simply put, they love to hear about blockchain technology and its pluses…I think the right opportunity is the answer.”

One of my aspirations, besides talking about the benefits of decentralized distribution network, is doing a favour to community that raised me into enthusiast I’m now. Blockchain protocol itself needs to get into the spotlight more. What we need is constant attention and it’s safe to assume we’re succeeding and however smaller part I might play, it’s excellent nonetheless.

The report adds that the increase in payment management devices across these top Asian countries as they seek to cater to end users’ needs such as in the banking, real estate, stock market and virtual currency industries will help supplement the market growth.

Other factors that would favour the projection includes an increased public awareness of the blockchain technology, small transaction fees for blockchain applications, elimination of third parties in business deals, and a reduced chance of fraud and identity theft.







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