Amazon Pay携手印度政府 共同推进数字支付发展


Amazon Pay携手印度政府 共同推进数字支付发展

此前,世界电子商务巨头亚马逊曾宣布获得印度储备银行(RBI)颁发的预付费支付工具(PPI)牌照,标志旗下支付程序Amazon Pay将正式进军印度支付市场。

近日,Amazon Pay在印度的业务又有了进一步突破。亚马逊宣布与印度当地政府的电力与保险部门建立战略合作伙伴关系,以扩大Amazon Pay用户群体。此外,亚马逊还与包括Faasos、Box8以及Homejoy外卖平台在内的本地化服务公司建立了合作,拓展业务范围。

Amazon Pay致力于通过简化用户身份验证流程,降低操作难度等方式改善支付平台,提高用户体验,以在印度大规模的推行数字支付方式,加速实现无现金社会。目前,Amazon Pay支持的支付业务已经涵盖了水电费、保险费、车票购买、学费支付等多个方面。

自进入印度市场以来,Amazon Pay一直动作不断。就在上个月,根据印度公司注册局的文件显示,Amazon Pay获得了一笔6.7亿印度卢比(约合1046万美元)资金,投资方是新加坡Amazon CorporateHoldings Pvt Ltd和美国母公司Amazon Inc.。另外,根据印度企业事业部的文件称,此前负责Amazon Pay运营的是AmazonOnline Distribution Services Pvt Ltd,但现在该公司已经更名为了Amazon Pay(India)Pvt Ltd.,该公司的授权股本金额也已经从6.9亿印度卢比增加到了40亿印度卢比。

2016年12月,Amazon将印度的礼品卡业务融合到了Amazon Pay服务中,用户可以充值1000、2000、5000、9000卢比以及自定义额度。可以方便用户在Amazon网上上购物以及享受相应的优惠。而Amazon推出的礼品卡业务此前主要是借助于初创公司QwikCilver的钱包许可证。2014年12月,Amazon领投了这家为零售商和企业客户提供礼品卡解决方案的公司。




Amazon Pay is all set to scale up its wallet business in India with the help of Indian govt. to expand its horizons in the Digital Payments space. The moves come in just a few months after Amazon secured a prepaid payment instrument (PPI) license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for Amazon Pay.

To this end, it is planning to enter into strategic partnerships with government bodies such as electricity and insurance companies, to increase the user base of Amazon Pay beyond its online marketplace.

As per an ET report, it has already launched digital payments facility via Amazon Pay for online food delivery ventures such as Faasos and Box8 and hyperlocal services startup Housejoy. Additionally, the global ecommerce player is also in talks with state electricity boards and public insurance companies to launch the payments service on these platforms.

Amazon wants to build a complete payments solution for the Indian user, and these tie-ups can potentially help it in securing a consolidated user-base. If the proposed partnership with the Indian government fall into place, users will be able to facilitate third-party payments from Amazon Pay as well.

As per an official statement, Amazon Pay aims to provide a convenient and trusted cashless solution in the Indian market. The wallet would allow small-ticket transactions to institutions and third-party organisations including electricity payments, insurance premiums, IRCTC train bookings, traffic challans and payment of fees to educational institutions, the above-stated report added.

In an email query directed by Inc42, an Amazon India spokesperson stated, “We are always testing ways to improve the experience for our customers and these experiments are part of that.”

In February 2016, In order to lead its payments business, Amazon hired Sriraman Jagannathan to head the launch of the digital payments vertical. In the same month, it acquired Noida-based payment gateway EMVANTAGE Payments. The company had applied for a semi-closed wallet license with the RBI in March 2016, which it received a year later.

This was followed by the launch of Amazon Pay Balance in December 2016, a payment option similar to how mobile wallets work but limited to Amazon-based transactions. Earlier this month, it was reported that Amazon further increased its investment in Amazon pay. It poured $10.45 Mn (INR 67 Cr) in Amazon Online Distribution Services, through its Singapore unit Amazon Capital Holdings and Amazon.com Inc. Ltd, Mauritius.

Amazon Pay is competing with the players like Paytm and MobiKwik among others in the digital payments space. Just last week, Paytm rolled the services of its Payments bank. Furthermore, Instant Messaging app WhatsApp is expected to launch a P2P payment system in India in the next few months. Apart from this, the wallet competes with Flipkart acquired UPI-enabled PhonePe, mobile payment service ‘Truecaller Pay,’ FreeCharge among others. It will be interesting to see how a partnership with the Indian government will help Amazon strengthen its digital payments vertical.







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