本周,来自班加罗尔的印度小贷创企KrazyBee宣布A轮再度融资800万美元。本次融资由股权与债务融资共同组成,小米科技与中国顺为资本领投,E-City Ventures和RK Group共同参与。现阶段,KrazyBee主营学生分期贷款,与6家机构合作提供借贷服务。目前,所有贷款产品借贷期都与借贷人的在校学习时间相同。未来,KrazyBee希望将这一时限延长,为品质优良的学生提供进入职场之后的各种贷款。除了学生贷款,KrazyBee还表示有意进军现金贷市场,合作机构可能是已经进入这一领域的EarlySalary,不过KrazyBee也不排除与其他机构合作的可能。


9年前,众筹平台Indiegogo正式成立。而如今,这个创意募资在线平台也要做出一些改变了。据了解,未来创企不仅可以通过Indiegogo为自己的创意融资,也可以在这个"Indiegogo Marketplace"上销售自己的任何产品,包括已经成型或者在其他平台进行众筹的创意产品,而Indiegogo则会从销售收入中抽成收取10%到15%不等的费用。我们认为,随着数字平台销售日趋激烈化,Indiegogo此次的改变可能正是想利用平台在创意产业积攒的用户流量来帮助创意产品实现盈利最大化。


房地产借贷平台Genesis Capital与高盛达成合作

本周,房地产借贷平台Genesis Capital宣布与金融巨头高盛集团达成合作,共同助力Genesis未来的企业发展。Genesis总部位于洛杉矶,是一家专注于商业房地产金融服务的在线平台。本次合作中,高盛集团通过子公司Oaktree Capital Management对Genesis进行了收购。据双方介绍,这也是为了在现有市场中扩大展品种类,为更大规模的用户群体提供服务。


本周,英国三大P2P网贷平台之一的RateSetter正式获得FCA授权。本次授权据RateSetter提出申请已经两年有余。RateSetter方面表示,预计在下个纳税年年末正式推出该平台的IFISA产品。英国政府于2016年正式推出IFISA产品,但是开局并未取得太多关注。在收益较高的年份,也只有一些相对早期的网贷平台或投资众筹平台会为用户提供IFISA产品的税收减免优惠。此前,Zopa与Funding Circle已经相继获得IFISA产品授权,但是并未进行全面推广。以Zopa为例,目前该平台的此类产品仅向现有投资者开放,不过计划于2018年早些时候从重新对新用户开放。市场普遍预测,此举有望提升平台的IFISA产品需求。而且随着RateSetter的加入,2018年或许将成为IFISA市场实现实质性发展的一年。





Micro-lending startup KrazyBee raises $8M, plans to enter payday-loan segment

On Monday, Bengaluru-based micro-lending startup KrazyBee said it had raised $8 million in a Series A round led by Xiaomi Technologies and Chinese venture capital fund Shunwei Capital. The funding raised was a combination of equity and debt, with participation from Essel Group's E-City Ventures and RK Group. Essentially an online instalment store for students, Krazybee has an NBFC license under the brand KrazyBee Services, co-lending along with six other partners. All loan tenures with customers (students) mostly lasted the duration of college. Now, the company is looking to extend the tenure beyond college, based on merit-based algorithms, to continue usage of service as students become young professionals. The firm also plans to foray into cash lending, entering into the payday-loan segment, with startups like EarlySalary already operating in this space. KrazyBee may look to partner with corporate entities to operate this service. (Source: Your Story)

Indiegogo is now an e-tailer, too

Indiegogo, the nine-year-old, crowdfunding site, is changing things up. Not only can startups now raise money through the site, the San Francisco-based company will also now sell other items, too, opening its new platform - called simply "Indiegogo Marketplace" - to goods that were successfully crowdfunded elsewhere. Indiegogo will take between 10 percent or 15 percent of the sale price of the product in the process. For the most part, anyway. Certainly, we can assume that Indiegogo will mostly attempt to feature goods that consumers won't find on Amazon, which has developed into fierce competition any e-tailer that's selling products that aren't its own branded goods. Meanwhile, eight-year-old, Brooklyn-based Kickstarter, whose investors have only confirmed one $10 million round in its history, made clear back in 2012 that Kickstarter is not a store, and it doesn't seem to have veered from that stance. Last year, in fact, it partnered with Amazon, as part of an expansion of Amazon's LaunchPad program, though Amazon had sold Kickstarter items previously, too. (Source: TechCrunch)

Lending platform signs deal with Goldman Sachs

Real estate lending platform Genesis Capital has signed an agreement with Goldman Sachs to support the company in its next phase of growth. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the firm is a high growth specialty commercial lending platform providing financing for qualified and experienced real estate developers focused on the residential real estate market. Genesis is being acquired from funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, an affiliate Goldman entity. The move is part of a strategy to help the platform achieve additional scale in its current market segments and introducing new products and financing solutions to a broader and national customer base. (Source: AltFi)

RateSetter intends to launch IFISA before new tax year

Yesterday, RateSetter became the third member of the UK's "big three" peer-to-peer lenders to receive full authorisation from the FCA, approximately two years after filing its application. A short update on its website suggesting that it intends to launch its IFISA "in good time" to allow for investments to be made before the end of the current tax year. The IFISA, first ushered into existence in 2016, has gotten off to a fairly muted start. For a good year, the tax break was only being offered by relatively early-stage peer-to-peer lenders and investment-based crowdfunders. The authorisation of Zopa and Funding Circle in May failed to inject life into the market, as both platforms have for now held off from full-blown IFISA launches. Zopa's IFISA is live, but thus far has only been available to existing investors. Zopa has been closed to new investors for the better part of this year, but plans to re-open to new investors in early 2018. This will likely drive demand for its IFISA. With RateSetter also eyeing a launch within the next 6 months, perhaps 2018 will be the year that the IFISA truly takes off. (Source: AltFi)

JPMorgan Chase to acquire WePay

JPMorgan Chase is to buy Silicon Valley-based WePay to help its small business clients marry software with payments. Upon closing, WePay and its employees will operate as Chase's payments innovation incubator in Silicon Valley. Founded in 2008, WePay delivers payments-as-a-service APIs for simple onboarding and activation of payments, without impacting the user experience designed by developers. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, the Wall Street Journal reports a price slightly north of the $220 million valuation that WePay achieved in a 2015 fundraising. The deal is the latest in a string of collaborations and partnerships cemented by JPMorgan in the fintech payment space, following last month's investment in Bill.com and an earlier partnership struck with OnDeck. (Source: Finextra)

CFPB Issues Principles for Financial Data Sharing in a Data Driven World

In an age of rampant cybersecurity issues, setting guidelines for what banks and Fintechs can or cannot do with an individual's information is very important. In consideration of this, the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has published 9 principles for data sharing and aggregation regarding individual consumers, which including Access, Data Scope and Usability, Control and Informed Consent, Authorizing Payments, Security, Access Transparency, Accuracy, Ability to Dispute and Resolve Unauthorized Access, Efficient and Effective Accountability Mechanisms. The UK is another regime where the discussion on financial data ownership and utilization is quite robust. The Open Banking initiative expects to kick in by the beginning of next year. The UK will create a regime where all financial data is owned by the consumer and not any and all financial services firms. (Source: Crowdfund Insider)







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