如今的金融科技企业不仅发展迅速,而且体量也逐渐增大。据PitchBook统计,自2015年以来美国创企累计融资180亿美元,共有1400多家风投参与其中,而当中市值最高的两家企业--Stripe和SoFi--均来自金融科技领域。该统计还指出,目前共有11家金融科技企业市值突破10亿美元,他们分别是Clover Health (12亿美元)、 Kabbage (13亿美元)、Robinhood (13亿美元)、Avidxchange (14亿美元)、Coinbase (16亿美元)、 Apttus (19亿美元)、Avant (20亿美元)、Oscar (27亿美元)、 Credit Karma (35亿美元)、 SoFi (44亿美元) 和 Stripe (92亿美元)。


10月23日,比特币创企Abra宣布完成1600万美元B轮融资。本次融资由制造业巨头富士康领投,Silver8 Capital、Ignia、Arbor Ventures、 American Express、 Jungle Ventures、 Lehrer Hippeau 和RRE跟投。本轮融资过后,Abra累计融资额已超过3000万美元。值得注意的是,这也是富士康集团首次投资比特币企业。虽然此前富士康也曾投资过以区块链为技术基础的供应链管理企业,但是本次投资说明富士康有意探索这一比特币底层技术在其他领域的广泛应用。


据消息人士透露,受之前企业丑闻等多个问题影响,曾经风光一时的在线借贷平台SoFi目前正在寻求出售。此前,SoFi刚刚完成了由Silver Lake领投的5亿美元融资,企业估值也迅速飙升至40亿美元,这也使得SoFi成为了目前美国估值最高的在线借贷平台(规模约为已公开上市的Lending Club公司的两倍)。融资刚刚完成不久,就有一家外资银行希望以60亿美元收购SoFi。不过,SoFi还与其他两家收购方进行了接洽,目前可能的收购价已经达到80到100亿美元之间。包括美国著名经纪商嘉信理财等多个公司都与SoFi进行了积极接触,不过目前尚未有一家企业达到理想价格定位。有消息称,SoFi可能会等到2019年上市之后再做决断。如果此次被成功收购,那SoFi就将成为自2014年脸书22亿美元收购WhatsApp之后的最大一笔竞购。






紧跟中国搜索引擎巨头百度和商业网络公司Tradeshift的脚步,包括Robert Bosch,印度IT公司Wipro,北京小米移动公司,云平台Cognition Foundry以及迪拜控股公司Majid Al Futtaim等5家机构也加入了由Linux基金会牵头建立的区块链联盟-超级账本。超级账本旨在构建基于开放源码分布式分类帐框架的一系列应用程序和平台。此次新增成员意味着超级账本目前拥有来自金融,银行,物联网(IoT)等多个行业的170多个成员组织。在公告中超级账本还表示,目前正在开发包括Fabric,Iroha和Sawtooth在内八种相关技术。

These 11 startups are re-inventing how money works and they're worth more than $1 billion

Fintech is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with startups in the US raising around $18 billion since 2015, according to PitchBook and nearly 1,400 venture capitalist-backed deals. Two of the most valuable startups in the country - Stripe and SoFi - are in the fintech sector. And there are 11 fintech startups valued at more than $1 billion. All 11 startups have made a dent in the space and give credence to venture capital's multi-billion dollar bet that fintech isn't going away anytime soon. These 11 firms are Clover Health ($1.2 billion), Kabbage ($1.3 billion), Robinhood ($1.3 billion), Avidxchange ($1.4 billion), Coinbase ($1.6 billion), Apttus ($1.9 billion), Avant ($2 billion), Oscar ($2.7 billion), Credit Karma ($3.5 billion), SoFi ($4.4 billion) and Stripe ($9.2 billion). (Source: Business Insider)

Foxconn Backs $16 Million Series B for Bitcoin Startup Abra

Bitcoin startup Abra has completed a $16 million Series B led by manufacturing giant Foxconn. The new capital brings Abra's total funding to more than $30 million. Other participants in the round include new investors Silver8 Capital and Ignia, as well as previous Abra backers Arbor Ventures, American Express, Jungle Ventures, Lehrer Hippeau and RRE. However, just as notable is that the round marks Foxconn's first investment in a bitcoin-focused firm. While, previously, Foxconn has tested blockchain technology for supply chain management, its investment in Abra shows a new willingness for the company - best known as the manufacturer of Apple's iPhone - to embrace other potential use cases. Since Abra is a purveyor of a bitcoin remittance app, the investment could be read as a business-to-consumer and financial inclusion play. (Source: Payments Market)

SoFi held talks for possible $8bn sale this year

The sale discussions at the highly valued online lender, SoFi, which has since been rocked by sexual harassment allegations, were triggered by an indicative offer of $6bn from a foreign bank, according to two people familiar with the matter. That offer came soon after SoFi raised $500m in a fundraising round led by Silver Lake, which valued it at more than $4bn. After the initial approach, SoFi held talks with other possible acquirers with a targeted price of $8bn-$10bn. Several US companies, including Schwab, discussed a possible deal but none matched the desired price. SoFi decided to wait for an initial public offering, tentatively scheduled for 2019. Its last fundraising cemented the company as the highest valued US online lender, worth twice as much as publicly listed Lending Club. Had it progressed to a sale, it would have been the largest acquisition of a venture-backed company since the $22bn sale of WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014. SoFi and Schwab declined to comment. (Source: Financial Times)

JPMorgan Chase is targeting millennials with new digital-only bank

Finn is a new app-based digital bank aimed at helping millennials understand their daily spending by giving them greater control. It will be supported by Chase's digital account opening platform, and will give users fee-free access to over 29,000 Chase and other ATMs with their Finn debit card. The mobile banking platform, intended to act exactly like a traditional US checking and savings account, will allow users to open an account, make deposits, track spending and create savings plans. Finn by Chase debuts for iOS users today in St. Louis and will roll out to additional U.S. cities and Android users in 2018. The launch comes as fintech lender platform OnDeck is set to expand its partnership with JPMorgan Chase for up to four years. (Source: AltFi)

Jim Rogers funded new fintech bank ITF to set up headquarters in Hong Kong

ITF, a new fintech bank that veteran US investor Jim Rogers has invested in, will set up its headquarters in Hong Kong and aims to start operating next year. The bank will provide online and mobile banking and financial services and aims to work with fintech companies in the city to develop products and services in banking, wealth management and other financial services. ITF would also focus on Singapore to tap the Southeast Asian market, and had applied for licences in Hong Kong and Singapore. The bank reached an agreement in August to acquire 70 per cent of the economic rights of an international bank in Vanuatu, which is still subject to regulatory approval. It has also established correspondent banking relationships with Bank of Communications Shanghai and Bank of Communications Hong Kong. (Source: South China Morning Post)

Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium Adds Bosch, Wipro and More as New Members

Following the recent additions of China's search engine giant Baidu and business networking company Tradeshift, Linux Foundation-backed blockchain consortium Hyperledger has now opened its doors to general members Robert Bosch GmbH, Indian IT firm Wipro, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software, cognitive solutions and cloud platform Cognition Foundry, and Dubai-based holding company Majid Al Futtaim. Aiming to build a range of applications and platforms based on open-source distributed ledger frameworks, the new additions mean Hyperledger now has more than 170 member organizations from across various industries including finance, banking, Internet of Things (IoT) and more. In its announcement, Hyperledger also indicated it is currently developing eight business blockchain technologies including Fabric, Iroha and Sawtooth, among others. (Source: CoinDesk)







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