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上周末,伦敦数字银行服务商Loot宣布完成220万英镑A轮融资。本次融资由Power Corporation的企业风投基金、Portag3和Speedinvest领投。目前该平台已经累计融资600万英镑,用户总量突破5万人。

2014年,24岁的Ollie Purdue还在上大学三年级,但是各种糟糕的财务管理app和银行界面让他对当时的数字银行服务失望透顶。于是就在同一年,Ollie Purdue创立了Loot。他希望借助大数据分析和预测帮助年轻人提高理财效率。2016年,Loot推出了全面现金账户,内含理财工具,希望借此打入传统银行市场。Loot目前的弱势在于还没有拿到金融服务牌照,这意味着该平台现在只能提供基于财务数据的分析服务。不过一旦获得监管批准,未来或许会推出贷款、财富管理和外汇等金融产品。

Loot表示,最新一轮投资将主要用于公司的中期规划,提高平台的自动化水平,同时将更多社交因素融入到平台之中。Power公司负责人Steph Choo表示,Loot目前发展态势良好,未来很有可能会走出英国国门,进入欧洲市场。

此外,本轮融资的另外一个用途就是对抗竞争。Loot方面表示,目前平台面临的竞争主要来自两方面,一个是传统银行,一个是新兴的金融科技创企。Ollie Purdu认为,传统银行的服务效率太低,而金融科技创企虽然在这一点上表现不错,但是用户在这种平台上对自己的账户并没有绝对的所有权,因为平台中还是需要和银行进行合作。Loot希望未来能将两者合二为一,让用户利用一个账户就完成所有理财需求。

A London-based digital banking service, Loot, has raised £2.2 million A-round funding, in a round led by Power Corporation’s corporate VC, Portag3, and Speedinvest. The ‘neo-bank’ is used by over 50,000 people, and aims to expand its reach to Millennials across Europe.

Loot is aimed at users who increasingly run their lives from their smartphone, which is a projected 38 million Brits between 16 and 65 in the UK alone. Ollie Purdue, the 24-year-old founder of Loot, created the company in 2014 in his final days at university after struggling with money management apps and clunky banking interfaces at university. His vision was to change the relationship between young people and their money, no matter how high or low their balance. In December 2016, Purdue launched Loot’s full current account, designed to replace the conventional bank, including built-in tools to help manage money.

The latest investment will be used to help implement the mid-term plan to make Loot fully automatic, while looking to see how they can integrate the best social features into the platform.

“Loot has already had a huge impact on their target market, which consists predominantly of students and young professionals,” Steph Choo, managing partner at Power, said. “We’re looking forward to Loot’s expansion over the next year and beyond.”

The new funding will also be used to take on the competition, which Purdue admits is on the rise. “I guess there are two types of competition for us at Loot. The banks and the money management apps,” he said. “The banks have significant market share, but struggle with helping people understand their money, and, in my opinion, they also struggle with tech and branding.”

“For example, since I started Loot, my Natwest app hasn’t materially changed in any way I would notice it. That’s too slow for me as a user,” he added. “The new fintech banks are much better at this, but none of us are at scale yet. Money management apps approach the user problems at a different angle but as they don’t own the accounts, it’s hard to be proactive for the user as you can’t help them move their money. Also, with a money management app you are still stuck with having to choose a bank! At Loot, we are trying to merge the two so we can be the only financial account you need.”







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