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据了解,线上P2P借贷金融科技初创公司Any Time Loan宣布获得了一笔195万美元的股权融资,投资方为Spice Mobility Ltd。据悉,后者将会以全现金形式获得Any Time Loan母公司Luharia Technologies 30%的股权。

本次投资交易对Spice Digital公司是具有战略意义的,因为该公司此前一直提供传统金融服务,而现在他们可以逐步向数字化互联网借贷服务转型。该公司董事长Dilip Modi也表示,金融科技将会是该公司的核心业务领域之一。不仅如此,Any Time Loan也能够从Spice Digital公司本次投资中获得巨大的战略优势,并且利用后者庞大的传统金融服务网络进一步扩大业务覆盖范围。Any Time Loan互联网贷款平台已经在线上金融科技领域里表现出了不错的竞争力,结合Spice Digital的线下优势,能够加速实现的金融融合目标。现阶段,用户可以通过Any Time Loan移动端应用快速申请贷款,该应用支持iOS和安卓操作系统。

BK Modi group company Spice Mobility Ltd is set to pick up a 30% stake in Luharia Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which runs peer-to-peer lending platform anytimeloan.in, for Rs 12.5 crore ($1.95 million) in an all-cash deal.

Spice Mobility is making the investment through its subsidiary Spice Digital Ltd, the company said in a stock-exchange filing, adding that it would be subscribing to compulsorily convertible preference shares of Luharia Technologies.

The transaction is expected to be closed within a month. Spice Digital will also have an option to make a follow-on investment of up to Rs 12.5 crore.

The deal is of strategic importance to Spice Digital, which provides financial services under Spice Money. “This is another step in the direction of Spice Mobility transforming itself into a digital services company. As part of the digital strategy, fin-tech will be one of our core areas of growth,” Spice Mobility chairman Dilip Modi stated.

“anytimeloan.in has demonstrated good initial traction in this space, and we are excited to partner with them to accelerate our goal of financial inclusion,” Modi added.

“The company will derive a huge strategic advantage from this investment by Spice, and enable us to leverage Spice Money’s strong network,” said Keerthi Kumar Jain, founder, Luharia Technologies.

According to VCCEdge, the data research platform of News Corp VCCircle, Luhari Technologies, which was incorporated in 2016, is backed by a bunch of angel investors, besides BetaPlus Capital Partners.

The company has a loan portfolio of around Rs 47 crore, according to the release.

Earlier this week, Spice Mobility had entered into an agreement to sell its wholly-owned subsidiary Omniventures Pvt. Ltd to Delhi-based Emma Innovation & Technology Pvt. Ltd. The sale marks its exit from the mobile handset retail business.

The company is expected to benefit from the recently introduced guidelines by the Reserve Bank of India for non-banking financial companies engaged in peer-to-peer lending in October.







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