本周,总部位于德里的在线贷款平台Cash Suvidha宣布获得100万美元Pre-A轮融资。本次融资由Initia Holdings及印度工业增长基金合伙人Vipin Agarwal投资。


Cash Suvidha成立于2016年,主要为中小微型企业和女性企业家提供商业贷款,并向个人提供个人贷款。


2017年12月,Cash Suvidha还从六家金融机构筹集了270万美元的债务资金。这些资金主要用于促进对中小企业(SME)的进一步贷款。

Cash Suvidha目前已经与14-15家机构达成合作关系,贷款发放时间也缩减到了48小时内。该公司表示,平台80%的贷款都发放给了中小企业用户,每月平台收到的贷款申请高达1.5万份,自其成立以来累计贷款发放量已经达到2345万美元。在一份官方声明中,该公司还宣称平台已经达到盈亏平衡并开始创造利润。


其实,除了Cash Suvidha,印度近些年来还出现了不少在线贷款门户,比如Aye Finance、Lendingkart、Capital Float、NeoGrowth Credit和OptaCredit等等,其中很多平台都已经成功引起了投资者的关注。

最近,金融科技创业公司Creditas Solutions在由其现有投资者1Crowd(一家股权众筹平台)领导的Pre-A轮融资,融资数额并未对外公布。

2018年2月,中小企业贷款平台Lendingkart也通过股权融资成功收获8700万美资金。此前,1月份,该公司在一家荷兰开发银行 - 荷兰金融服务公司(FMO)的首轮外债融资中募集了470万美元。

2017年12月,在线中小企业贷款平台Capital Float筹集了4500万美元C轮融资,本次融资由硅谷的Ribbit Capital领投。

来自Inc42 DataLabs的《印度创企融资报告(2017)》显示,2017年印度金融科技行业累计完成融资111次,累计融资额高达30.1亿美元。




随着外界对金融科技行业的注意力逐渐增加,该新兴市场也将迎来下一轮大幅增长。。在此基础上,Cash Suvidha的持续融资必将为其提供竞争优势,同时也能维持和扩大其客户群。

Delhi-based online lending platform Cash Suvidha has raised $1 Mn in a Pre-Series A funding round from Initia Holdings; Vipin Agarwal, Partner in India Industrial Growth Fund and others.

The company will use the funding to increase the loan books of the company and to further strengthen its technological infrastructure.

Commenting on the development, Rajesh Gupta, Founder of Cash Suvidha, said, “This capital infusion would help us in widening our horizon and in extending our best alternative lending services across geographies. We have recently started our operations in Kota and Jaipur. Our next destination is Ajmer and other parts of Rajasthan. After covering Rajasthan we will move towards Gujarat and other, parts of India.”

Founded in 2016, Cash Suvidha offers business loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and women entrepreneurs as well as personal loans to individuals.

Earlier in February 2018, the company raised $2.5 Mn in debt financing through financial institutions and private placement. The company used the funds to increase the loan books of the company. The loans will cater to financing SMEs and individuals particularly in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Rajasthan.

In December 2017, Cash Suvidha also raised $2.7 Mn debt funds from six financial institutions.The funds were primarily used to facilitate further lending to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Cash Suvidha has tied up with over 14-15 players to expand business across India and disburse loans within 48 hours. The company claims to have disbursed 80%of its loans to SMEs and to receive 15,000 loan applications per month while disbursing loans worth $23.45 Mn (INR 152 Cr) since its inception. In an official statement, the company also claims to have attained break-even and hit profitability.

The Growing Space Of Online Lending Startups

Similar to Cash Suvidha, there are other online lending portals like Aye Finance, Lendingkart, Capital Float, NeoGrowth Credit, OptaCredit etc., of whom many have grabbed investors attention earlier.

Recently, Gurugram-based fintech startup, Creditas Solutions, raised an undisclosed amount in a Pre-Series A funding round led by its existing investor 1Crowd, an equity crowdfunding platform.

Prior to this, in February, Ahmedabad-based SME lending platform Lendingkart has secured over $87 Mn in an equity funding round as part of its Series C round. Earlier, in January, the company raised  $4.7 Mn (INR 30 Cr) in its first-ever foreign debt funding round from a Dutch development bank – Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden N.V. (FMO).

In December 2017, Bengaluru-based online SME lending platform Capital Float raised $45 Mn Series C funding, led by Silicon Valley-based Ribbit Capital.

Overall, as per Inc42 DataLabs Indian Startup Funding report 2017, the Indian fintech industry has received $3.01 Bn across 111 deals in 2017.

The rising investor’s interest in the online lending domain is on back of the increasing opportunities in the Indian fintech and lending segment.

As per a report released by the International Financial Corporation (IFC), small businesses in emerging markets, such as India, are facing a funding gap of $2 Tn. Further, in its report Credit Suisse indicated that the global consumer and SME loan market is expected to reach $3 Tn over the next decade, owing to government’s initiatives to provide hassle-free and cashless financial transactions.

A NASSCOM report has earlier forecasted that the Indian fintech software market will touch $2.4 Bn by 2020, from the current $1.2 Bn. A report from investment bank MAPE Advisory Group and consulting firm MXV largely attributed this growth to the surge in the use of mobile wallets and insurance services, among others.

With increasing attraction to the fintech sector, the growth possibilities have grown up drastically. Amid this, the continued funding of Cash Suvidha is bound to offer it a competitive edge, while also enabling it to maintain and grow its customer base.







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