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Adobe的旗舰创意云端同时包括Adobe Flash、Acrobat和Illustrator等标志产品,如今已经发展成熟。而Adobe下一步希望开展的业务就是利用数字领域公司的需求来分析大数据。并提供个性化为客户提供体验。


Adobe有关负责人表示,除了银行和金融服务领域的公司之外,零售领域的实体公司也在积极关注和向数字化迈进,这也可以成为Adobe的潜在目标市场。此外,教育部门和政府也是该公司旗下Digital India项目的重点领域。

在最近对ET的采访中,Adobe董事长Shantanu Narayen曾表示,数字技术将改变印度的所有行业,无论是金融服务、电信、零售还是医疗保健。

“发展中国家首先会出现新的商业模式,包括新的交易机制。并与领先的公司合作 - 无论Aditya(Birla)在银行业务上做什么或Mukesh(安巴尼)在电信方面做什么,这都是双赢的 - 他们可以获得最新技术,并且能够接触到领导者推动信封。我们不仅要设计体验,还要实时提供这些体验。 ”

After making deep inroads into the e-commerce and online businesses with clients like MakeMyTrip and Flipkart, Adobe is now betting on fintech startups and the retail sector for driving the next level of growth in its India business, atop executive of the company said.

While the company’s main business, called the creative cloud with flagship products such as Adobe Flash, Acrobat, Illustrator, etc, is already an established business, Adobe is now harnessing the needs of companies in the digital space to analyse the mammoth data and offer personalised experiences for its customers.

“With fintech startups there is a new market which is opening up now, which is where Adobe needs to transpose what it has done for some of the big banks and insurance companies,” Kulmeet Bawa, MD, South Asia, Adobe told ET.

He added that with the whole explosion in consumer data, companies across the board are getting back to their drawing boards and relooking their strategy and the only way they can differentiate is through consumer experience. “Whether it is through analytics or personalisation, everyone is looking at how to serve the customer differently.”

Bawa said that apart from the firms in the banking and the financial services space, in the retail sector, brick and mortar companies are high on its radar because they are warming up to digital with most of them wanting an e-commerce play. He added that the education sector and the government is also a huge focus area for the company with its flagship Digital India project.

In a recent interview to ET, Shantanu Narayen, chairman of Adobe, had said that digital technology will transform all businesses in India, whether it is financial services, telecom, retail or healthcare.

“There are going to be new business models which will emerge in developing countries first including new transaction mechanisms. And in partnering with companies which are leading — whether what Aditya (Birla) is doing in banking or what Mukesh (Ambani) is doing in telecommunications, it’s a win-win — they get access to latest technology and we get access to leaders who are pushing the envelope.”

“We are not only designing the experience but are also delivering those experiences in real time. Adobe is working on the entire content lifecycle from inspiration to creation to delivery to measurement to monetisation,” said Bawa.







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