科技初创公司Ondot Systems最近推出了一款新型手机银行反欺诈应用软件CardControl。CNET新闻将这款应用同iPhone手机的Find My Phone手机应用相提并论,这款软件适用于信用卡、借记卡和预付卡,允许使用者在其智能手机上设置银行卡的信息控制。








据Wired报道,Ondot公司的CEO Vaduvur Bharghavan称,“我认为这是因为孤星州国立银行卡的重要性已超过消费者手中的其他银行卡。消费者们把在其他卡上的花销转到了这张卡上,因为他们对这张卡安全性的信任与日俱增。”


A new mobile banking app by tech start-up Ondot Systems, CardControl, is bringing new anti-fraud tools to consumers. The app, which CNET compared to the iPhone’s Find My Phone app but for credit, debit and prepaid cards, allows users to set controls for their cards from their smartphone.

“CardControl empowers consumers to switch cards on and off, and set card usage preferences by location, merchant categories, transaction types, and spend limits,” according to Ondot’s site.

Users can also set up transaction alerts to be notified of potential credit card fraud based on parameters set by the user. Another feature syncs the app with the smartphone’s GPS, so if a transaction is made miles away from where the cardholder and his phone are, the app will flag it for the user’s review.

CardControl App Puts Anti-Fraud Tools in Consumers’ Hands
CardControl offers users more ownership for their financial well being. When compared to the current system in which consumers have to rely on their bank or credit card issuer to catch unusual charges and must call their creditor to disable or make any changes to their accounts, CardControl offers a solution that gives accountability to the user.

CardControl would give consumers a tool to monitor their own credit card activity and protect themselves from fraud if they lose their wallet.

Consumers can more quickly and efficiently recognize fraud than their credit card company because consumers are more aware of which charges were made by them and which weren’t, whereas a credit card issuer must rely on probabilities based on past spending behaviors. If the card was misplaced, lost or stolen, the cardholder could use CardControl to place a stop on that card within minutes of realizing his card was missing.

CardControl Requires Banks and Credit Card Issuers to Opt In
The app will not be useful to all consumers, however — just those who have banks that opt in. CardControl is marketed and sold to banks as a valuable tool to offer their customers, and banks have to pay for it in the form of a per-user licensing fee to Ondot.

A test of the app with Lone State National Bank in Texas gave promising results, however debit and credit card spending among Lone Star National Bank customers rose 48 percent, while fraud expenses fell 60 percent over the course of a year of CardControl use, reports Wired.

“I think that’s because this card became top of wallet,” said Ondot CEO Vaduvur Bharghavan, reports Wired. “Customers shifted their spend from other cards because they had increased confidence in the security of this card.”

Banks and credit-card issuers were surprisingly receptive, said Bharghavan; already Ondot has signed deals with four major credit cards processors that serve more than 10,000 banks across the nation, reports Wired. CardControl service is expected to roll out in a matter of months.







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