奥地利财政部长Hartwig Löger,正敦促奥地利以及整个欧盟对比特币等加密货币采取类似于针对黄金和衍生品的监管制度。


Hartwig Löger强调,加密货币正处在大规模损害金融市场声誉的阶段,并危及到其自身作为一个年轻但重要的金融部门的未来。



Hartwig Löger指出,加密货币在打击洗钱和恐怖主义融资方面的重要性正在显著提升,为了增加安全感和信任感,他建议对比特币采取黄金和衍生品交易的规则,包括强制执行加密货币反洗钱(AML)法规。

就在同一天,奥地利金融市场管理局(FMA)的两位董事会成员也对Hartwig Löger的看法也表示了赞同。此外FMA管委会还认为,由于数字货币本质上始于互联网,而且处于对市场开放提供之中,因此跨部门合作对其监管显得尤为重要。”


Hartwig Löger的提议将进一步授权奥地利联邦刑事警察局洗钱记录办公室,以明确加密货币持有者身份,并将交易所置于奥地利金融市场管理局(FMA)的监控之下。然而,Hartwig Löger并不只是关注比特币,他也谈及了ICO的情况。他表示,所有的ICO都需通过注册要求,并提供类似数字招股说明书的内容。

今年3月,新成立的金融科技监管委员会将进一步讨论比特币相关问题。有报道称,该监管委员会将由一些专家组成,他们会讨论监管方法,整合各机构立场,并努力协调整个欧洲方面和国家相关政策等。专家们预计,Hartwig Löger将于本周末将他的提案交给葡萄牙财长Mario Centeno参考。欧盟委员会下周一的会议将就欧洲反洗钱指令探讨加密货币的相关问题。

Austria Finance Minister Hartwig Löger is urging both his country and the broader European Union to treat cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in a regulatory fashion as they do now with regard to gold and derivatives.

Austria Floats Ideas About Bitcoin Regulation

“The cryptocurrencies are in the process of massively damaging the reputation of the financial market,” Mr. Löger insisted, “and jeopardizing the reputation of a young but very important sector for the financial market of the future,” arguing it will be a challenge to both regulate and allow for the nascent industries to grow.

He went on to suggest financial experts and even the financial technology sector have both warned Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Austria’s central bank, and the country’s Financial Market Authority (FMA) about cryptocurrency’s danger, asking for regulation. The local press even used the verb “demanded.”

Mr. Löger continued, “Cryptocurrencies are significantly gaining importance in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing. That’s an important aspect for the changes we support. We need more trust and more security.” Among his recommendations is to treat bitcoin “similar to the trade in gold and derivatives,” including mandatory anti-money laundering (AML) reporting crypto transactions of more than €10,000.

Mr. Löger, 52, and his statements were openly welcomed by the Austrian FMA in a parallel statement released the same day, 23 February. “The Board of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), Helmut Ettl and Klaus Kumpfmüller, welcome the move by Finance Minister Hartwig Löger to subject cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to regulation and supervision.” Worriedly, the Board of Management stressed, “Since digital currencies are essentially a phenomenon of the Internet and are offered there without limits, regulation and oversight of cross-border cooperation are also of great importance.”

ICOs, Prospectus, and a New Council

His proposals would further empower the country’s Money Laundering Registration Office of the Federal Criminal Police Office in identifying holders of crypto, placing exchanges under the auspices of the FMA. Mr. L?ger’s comments were not fixated solely on bitcoin, however, as he also addressed initial coin offerings (ICOs). All ICOs would be subject to registration requirements and would be required to offer something like a “digital prospectus.”

The borderless aspects so befuddling regulators when it comes to bitcoin are to be considered this March with the advent of a Fintech Regulatory Council. Reports suggest it will be comprised of experts who “consider regulatory approaches and coordinate the positions of various institutions” in an effort to reconcile wider “European initiatives…with national policies.”Experts expect Mr. Löger’s will bring his case to Portugal’s Mario Centeno when the two meet as part of Eurogroup this weekend. EU Commission meetings on Monday will consider cryptocurrencies in relation to the European Money Laundering Directive.







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