AI保险创企Planck Re获1200万美元A轮融资

Planck Re是一家利用人工智能简化保险承保的初创企业。昨日该平台宣布,在Arbor Ventures领投的A轮融资中获得1200万美元投资,Viola FinTech和Eight Roads也参与了此次投资。

Planck Re联合创始人兼首席执行官Elad Tsur表示,这笔资金将用于把Planck Re的产品线扩展到更多领域,包括零售、承包商、IT和制造业,并扩大其在以色列的研发团队和北美的销售团队。

这家立足于特拉维夫和纽约的创企,计划首先专注于在美国的业务,并且已经与几家保险公司推出了试点项目。Tsur说,Planck Re的客户通常利用它为中小型企业承保保险,包括涵盖财产和责任风险的企业主保险单,以及工人赔偿金。

Planck Re成立于2016年,是由Tsur、Amir Cohen和David Schapiro创办的,它将这项技术作为保险公司要求客户填写冗长风险评估问卷的更有效和更准确的替代方案。该平台在互联网上搜索公开的数据,包括图像、文本、视频、社交媒体资料和公共记录,以建立寻求保险的中小企业资料。然后对这些数据进行分析,以帮助运营商确定潜在风险。

在Planck Re推出之前,Tsur和Cohen创办了一个数据挖掘初创公司Bluetail,该公司于2012年被Salesforce收购,作为Salesforce Einstein的基础技术。Schapiro曾是金融分析公司Earnix的首席执行官。


Tsur说,Planck Re正在开发更专用的算法,以满足保险公司不断变化的需求。例如,许多保险公司现在想知道摄影客户是否使用航空成像设备,所以Planck Re的成像处理能力会自动检查图像中的信息。

他补充说,能够自动承保使运营商能够找到新的分销渠道,包括允许客户在线申请保险,而无需填写任何表格。Planck Re还继续监测和承保保单,这意味着如果客户的风险状况发生变化,保险公司可以迅速作出反应。

Arbor Ventures副总裁兼以色列分公司首席执行官Lior Simon在一份声明中表示:“我们很高兴能与Planck Re这一强有力的创业团队进行合作。保险公司迫切需要可操作的数据,以评估风险,获得实时洞察并增强客户理解。Planck Re的目标是通过一种简化的数字方法增强他们的能力,我们认为这将真正改变保险业。”

Planck Re, a startup that wants to simplify insurance underwriting with artificial intelligence, announced today that it has raised a $12 million Series A. The funding was led by Arbor Ventures, with participation from Viola FinTech and Eight Roads. Co-founder and CEO Elad Tsur tells TechCrunch that the capital will be used to expand Planck Re’s product line into more segments, including retail, contractors, IT and manufacturing, and grow its research and development team in Israel and North American sales team.

The Tel Aviv and New York-based startup plans to focus first on its business in the United States, where it has already launched pilot programs with several insurance carriers. Tsur says that Planck Re’s clients generally use it to help underwrite insurance for small to medium-sized businesses, including business owner policies, which cover property and liability risks, and workers’ compensation.

Founded in 2016 by Tsur, Amir Cohen and David Schapiro, Planck Re poses its technology as a more efficient and accurate alternative to the lengthy risk assessment questionnaire insurers ask clients to fill out. Its platform crawls the internet for publicly available data, including images, text, videos, social media profiles and public records, to build profiles of SMBs seeking insurance coverage. Then it analyzes that data to help carriers figure out their potential risk.

Before launching Planck Re, Tsur and Cohen founded Bluetail, a data mining startup that was acquired by Salesforce in 2012, where it served as the base technology for Salesforce Einstein. Schapiro was previously CEO of financial analytics company Earnix.

There are already a handful of startups, including SoftBank-backed Lemonade, Trōv, Cover, Hippo and Swyfft, that use algorithms to make picking and buying insurance policies easier for consumers, but AI-based underwriting is still a nascent category. One example is Flyreel, which focuses on underwriting property insurance and recently signed a deal with Microsoft to accelerate its go-to-market strategy.

Tsur says Planck Re is developing more dedicated algorithms to meet the evolving needs of insurance providers. For example, many underwriters now want to know if clients in photography use aerial imaging equipment, so Planck Re’s imaging process capabilities automatically check images for that information.

He adds that being able to automate underwriting enables carriers to find new distribution channels, including allowing customers to apply for insurance online without needing to fill out any forms. Planck Re also continues to monitor and underwrite policies, which means if a customer’s risk profile changes, insurers can react quickly.

In a statement, Arbor Ventures vice president and head of Israel Lior Simon said, “We are excited to partner with Planck Re and the driven, entrepreneurial team. Insurance companies are thirsty for actionable data, to assess risk, gain real time insights and enhance customer understanding. Planck Re aims to empower them through a streamlined digital approach, which we believe will truly alter the insurance industry.”







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