据 CCN 报道,近日,美国证券交易所纳斯达克宣布,正计划收购瑞典金融科技供应商 Cinnober。这次收购,也间接表明纳斯达克对加密数字货币交易的兴趣。

纳斯达克总裁兼首席执行官 Adena Friedman,表示了对 Cinnober 提供新型资产的兴趣,并称:


关于为什么纳斯达克选择收购 Cinnober,或许很重要的一个原因是其提供的加密货币托管服务。

毕竟从目前的情形来看,对于机构投资者来说,加密数字资产的托管是一大痛点。交易所总是屡屡被曝遭黑客攻击,比如就在 2 个月前,Bancor 遭黑客攻击,超 2000 万美元加密货币被窃。

而被收购的 Cinnober,其历来看好数字资产,并为机构投资者提供数字货币相关服务。比如其与机构级加密货币托管安全巨头 BitGo 进行合作,后者正是因具备多重签名安全和托管解决方案,而在加密数字货币领域占有一席之地。

纳斯达克几个月前曾表示,要在未来成为一个数字加密货币交易所。亦有报道称,纳斯达克可能计划 10 月上线加密货币交易。这些也可从纳斯达克最近的动作看出一二。

7 月份,纳斯达克在芝加哥举办闭门会议,讨论未来监管对加密货币的影响、监管工具和如何进行有效监管。参加闭门会议的有 Gemini 和其他传统交易机构。

8 月份,纳斯达克和此前参与闭门会议的 Gemini 旗下的交易所,打算联合推出一个合资机构,该机构将允许两个交易所上线数字货币,并在全球范围内为用户提供流动资产。

9 月份,有消息人士称,纳斯达克或将于 11 月推出预测数字货币价格走势的工具,目前已处于测试阶段。这项服务将从钱包的资金流、交易所的数据、社交媒体的数据,为约 500 个加密资产提供价格预测分析。

Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange, announced Friday that it is in the works to acquire Cinnober, a trading solution provider based in Sweden.

Cinnober has a history for bullishness towards digital assets and making it easier for institutions to invest in them. One of those efforts is the partnership with BitGo, a behemoth for institutional-grade cryptocurrency custody security. BitGo itself has built partnerships and acquisitions over its history, which have helped it firm up its mission, including the acquisition of Kingdom Trust and a partnership with the South Korea exchange Korbit.

Nasdaq: More Prepping for Cryptocurrency Trading?

Nasdaq’s latest acquisition highlights, though indirectly in this case, its taste for cryptocurrency trading. As CCN reported, on the heels of the SEC’s second rejection for the Winklevoss twins’ ETF, the Nasdaq held a closed-door meeting with cryptocurrency industry experts. In the meeting, participants discussed ways to legitimize cryptocurrencies as a traditional securities product, especially in ways to appease the fickle SEC.

Cinnober’s BitGo platform is well-suited for large institutional investors in Nasdaq. The multi-signature security and custody solution with BitGo has made it one of the most popular in the space. Nasdaq’s release points to their interest in Cinnober’s success in offering newer asset types. Adena Friedman, President and CEO, Nasdaq, said:

“The combined intellectual capital, technology competence and capabilities of Cinnober and our Market Technology business will expand the breadth and depth of our fastest growing division at Nasdaq. Not only have the global capital markets continued to evolve rapidly, new marketplaces in various industries are demanding market technology infrastructure that enables rapid growth and scale as well as access to tools to promote market integrity. This acquisition will enhance our ability to serve market infrastructure operators worldwide, and will accelerate our ability to expand into new growth segments.”

Cinnober has developed in-house solutions and technology acquisitions that make it a prime candidate for the tech-heavy Nasdaq Corporation. Cinnober’s cryptocurrency custodian service, in specific, could be one of the most coveted arms of the acquisition, as questions over custodianship have made many institutional investors leery.

Household names in finance are racing to developer regulated and clearly audited custodian solutions, including Citigroup and Bank of America.

Exchange Hacks Marred Crypto’s History

Large institutions’ concerns over custody are understandable, given the number of exchanges hacked in Bitcoin’s history. The Bancor exchange hack is the most recent large example, as CCN reported on in July. Many cryptocurrency experts believe that the custodian problem has been solved, especially with multi-signature technology and cold storage.

While the technology is there, legitimacy can only be improved when large names like Nasdaq can provide tangible audits that traditional securities managers are accustomed to. Nasdaq acquisition of Cinnober is another box to check off in the race to provide the first (and best) publicly trading cryptocurrency vehicle (and thus the servicing fees that translate to more profits.)







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