近日据外媒报道,英国P2P网贷平台RateSetter宣布退出英国P2P金融协会。2017年7月,RateSetter表示"介入"了一些此前在批发贷款业务领域有合作关系的公司的交易,违反了P2PFA的透明交易原则。其中影响最大的就是与Vehicle Trading Group旗下Adpod公司相关的贷款业务,RateSetter累计向该公司贷款1200万英镑。面对Adpod的贷款损失,RateSetter并没有启用风险准备金,而是选择接受损失并在Adpod中获得控股权。




本周,美国零售巨头沃尔玛集团与谷歌公司联合宣布组建电商联盟,联手对抗亚马逊平台冲击。未来,沃尔玛消费者可以借助谷歌的Google Express平台,利用声音智能识别功能使用沃尔玛的“Easy Re-order”功能,并浏览和订购平台商品。除沃尔玛外,消费者还可以通过Google Express订购包括Target,Staples和Walgreens等多家美国零售企业的产品。


TransferWise采用p2p在线模式为用户提供跨境汇款服务,目前资产汇出国已达38个,资产接收国已达60个。截止2017年,TransferWise已成功获得英国跨境汇款10%的市场份额,年收益突破1亿美元,此前,该公司Taavet Hinrikus也曾透露了未来进行IPO的计划,而这样的消息也是IVP这样的大额投资者最愿意看到的。

印度尼西亚创企推出本土版"支付宝"-Pundi Pundi

印度尼西亚全国人口2.6亿,是全球第四大人口大国,然而其国内金融信用服务覆盖面并不高,有不少人甚至连银行账户都没有。为了改变这一现状,印尼本土创企Pundi Pundi宣布将于近期推出类"支付宝"的扫码即付app,以改变印尼的现金支付传统。除基本的支付功能外,Pundi Pundi最近还推出了充值服务,并扩大了合作商家范围,未来还希望提供包括生活缴费在内的各项功能。Pundi Pundi的主要目标群体是城市内的员工,以满足这一群体午餐和工作时间消费支付为主要目的。据悉,该应用的首批试用点就选在了首都雅加达地区。


每年,Inc.都会评选出全美发展速度最快的5000家先锋企业,不过评选标准并未对外公布。今年,金融服务领域共有250家企业入选。Inc.在其网站上公布了这些企业的相关名单,以及其中一些企业2016年的收益情况。指的注意的是,今年有多家在线借贷企业也入选这一名单,它们分别是(括号内为企业排名):Avant (47),OppLoans (219), Kabbage (449) 和loanDepot (1418)。


本周,智能家居创企Roost完成了由保险巨头Aviva领投的1040万美元B轮融资,Desjardins 保险与复星创富跟投。


此前,Aviva还成先后投资过智能家居保险创企Neos、地产创企Opun和智能家居创企Cocoon。目前,Aviva正与孵化器Founders Factory在人工智能(如Iris.AI)与区块链方面展开合作(未央网相关文章:《Aviva联合Founders Factory押注金融科技创企),希望早日将集团转型成为一家金融科技企业。


RateSetter withdraws from the Peer to Peer Finance Association

RateSetter has pulled out of fintech's leading industry group, the Peer to Peer Finance Association, after it was found to have breached its transparency rules. The breach came when RateSetter's wholesale loans to three companies started failing. Chief among those was Adpod, a now-bankrupt subsidiary of the Vehicle Trading Group, to which RateSetter had lent £12 million. RateSetter chose to absorb Adpod's losses and acquire a controlling stake in the company instead of using its provision fund - a pool of money it uses to shield its lenders when borrowers default - but failed to share this information immediately. (Source: Altfi.com)

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Singaporean real estate giant forges alliance with Alibaba

Singapore's CapitaLand, one of Asia's largest real estate companies, announced a strategic alliance with China's Alibaba today. The company will manage Alibaba's new Shanghai headquarters and launch an online mall with the Chinese giant's Southeast Asian subsidiary Lazada.Alibaba is Lazada's biggest shareholder. In January, it was disclosed that Alibaba has invested over US$2 billion into Lazada, rounding up an 83 percent stake in Southeast Asia's biggest ecommerce site.The Chinese company has sought to further strengthen its foothold in Southeast Asia's ecommerce landscape, after it participated in a US$1.1 billion funding round for Indonesia's consumer-to-consumer online marketplace Tokopedia earlier this month. (Source: Tech in Asia)

US retail store Walmart and Google announce partnership

Walmart and Google have announced a new partnership to enable voice shopping with Google Assistant in Walmart stores.

Customers will be able to use Walmart's 'Easy Re-order' feature through Google's shopping service, Google Express, which will allow them to browse through thousands of products using their voice. Consumers can also use Google Express and order with their voice for several other US retailers including Target, Staples, Walgreens and many more. (Source: PaymentEye)

TransferWise lines up investment round

TransferWise is preparing a $60 million capital raise that will see its value sail up to the $1.5 bilion mark, according to a report on Sky News. Citing sources close to the deal, Sky reports that Silicon Valley investment firm IVP is set to pump "tens of millions of pounds" into the UK-based mobile money outfit as part of a larger fund raise. IVP has previously invested in hot tech startups Snap, Twitter and Netflix.

Using a peer-to-peer model to get the best rates for consumers, TransferWise has quickly grown and now lets people in 38 countries send money to receivers in 61. In the UK, the firm now has a 10% market share, helping it to hit $100 million in annual revenues and move into the black.At the time, CEO Taavet Hinrikus hinted at the potential for an IPO some years down the line, a prospect which would whet the appetite of big-ticket investors like IVP. (Source: Finextra)

Pundi Pundi is bringing Alipay-style QR code payments to Indonesia

Hong Kong registered company, Pundi Pundi, wants to step in to offer a scan-to-pay service - akin to Alibaba's hugely successful Alipay app - that can replace cash-based transactions in Indonesia, where credit ownership is low and many of the 260 million population don't even have a bank account.

Pundi Pundi recently began to offer support for mobile top-up inside its app, and besides widening the number of merchants who support it, there are plans to offer options for paying for electricity and other household bills. The startup opted to focus on urban worker needs - primarily lunches and other office hour spending - to get a foothold and learn about how its service is being used. (Source: Tech Crunch)

Online Lenders Featured in the Inc. 5000

Every year Inc. pulls together a list of the top 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. This year there were around 250 companies that made it in the financial services category and there are several familiar names on the list. Inc. shares basic information on each company while also sharing 2016 revenue numbers, a metric that is often not publicly available. Several companies from the online lending space made the Inc. 5000. These companies are Avant (47), OppLoans (219), Kabbage (449) and loanDepot (1418). (Source: Lend Academy)

Aviva invested in tech startup Roost that could potentially help it do insurance better

The insurance giant has led a $10.4m series B funding round into US smart home startup Roost, along with fellow insurers Desjardins Insurance and Fosun Capital.

The startup is working on making existing household products "smart2 by connecting them to the internet. Last year it created a battery for fire alarms to connect them to smartphones and it also has a device that can detect and alert home owners to water leaks. Roost's primary route to market is via insurance policyholders.

Aviva has previously backed Neos, a connected home insurance startup from the UK, property startup Opun, and another home tech firm, Cocoon.It has also backed five startups with Founders Factory in areas such as artificial intelligence and blockchain in its bid to become a fintech company itself. (CITY A.M.)

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